Projects at the Biocomputing Group

Node of the BioSapiens Network of Excellence

Member of the European Computational Biology Community (ECCB)

Member of the ELIXIR-IIB, Italian node of ELIXIR infrastructure for life-science

Member of the Bologna Computational Biology Network

Italian node of the FIRB project 2001-2003: "Bioinformatics for Genomics and Proteomics"

FIRB 2003-LIBI - International Laboratory of Bioinformatics

The CAGI-2010 dancing award of SNPs&GO

Member of the Centre of Genome Biology (CGB)

Member of the COST Action TD1101: RGB-Net

Member of the COST Action BM1405: NGP-Net

Member of the CIRCLES H2020 Project

Partner of the PRIN2017 Project - Protein Bioinformatics fro Human Health

Partner of the PRIN 2010-2011 project - Integrad experimental and computational approaches for the study of human pathologies

Partner of the National Research center for High Performance Computing, Big Data e Quantum Computing

Partner of the project ELIXIRxNextGenIT: Consolidation of the Italian Infrastructure for Omics and Bioinformatics